If you are a BI developer and have the experience of working in several companies, you know that some of the dashboards you have designed can be used by other companies or other people so why don’t you make money by what you have already done?

We can put dashboards that you have designed in different fields on our platform. If you think that your dashboards can be presented and be used by others, you can send us a sample of your work so that we can put it on our website to be sold after reviewing it.

Obviously, your dashboards must have the following features so that we can put it on our website:

  1. Must be visually acceptable.
  2. Must have applied analysis.
  3. Implementable and usable by others.
  4. Easily get connected to other sources of information.

If your dashboard does not have these features, no worries, our team is ready to assist you with redesigning your dashboard.

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