If you have ever done BI or data analysis with related tools that result a dashboard, you know that the process is much more time consuming than identifying and implementing information sources, data extraction from information sources, ETL, data aggregation, modeling and formulation and ultimately designing a dashboard.

BI Pattern lets you access pre-prepared dashboards to analyze your information much faster. The advantage of BIpattern is in the analysis and the variety of different fields like sales, human resources, warehousing which it provides.

The advantage of these models is that the design is done in all sections and all you have to do is to download one of these samples and then replace the source of this file with your own data. The dashboard will be updated with your information and ready to use after refreshing. Another point is that even if you have very little mastery of the tools that make this dashboard, you can change their appearance and even the model to suit your needs.

You can see the process here…

This is one of the dashboards that you can download from BIPattern.

After downloading the dashboard, you will have a Power BI file in which the dashboard is designed and an Excel file in which the data is available.

When you open the Excel file, you can see the available data including information on Microsoft products sales, including product information, stores, and sales. And we have the Power BI file which shows you the dashboard.

Sales table

Now by changing the data of the data source to your own file and refreshing the Power BI file, you can turn the dashboard into your information and as you can see, the information turns into your dashboard.

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